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Jim Denison, a long time resident of the Washington D.C. area, currently resides in Orlando, FL.
Phone: +1 (703) 795-1776
Skype:  jdenison3

Previously with CISCO-Linksys, Jim is a respected and accomplished sales professional with over 25 years of progressive experience in telecommunications sales to major commercial and government accounts. He has a proven track record for creating economically and technically sound solutions for major carriers.  Jim's educational foundation includes an engineering degree from Purdue and an MBA from Vanderbilt. This enables him, as the Director of Research, to selectively identify best in class, technologically advanced products that offer an attractive return on investment for Energy Transition clients. Known for his ability to develop and drive revenue generating programs that create a dominant leadership position for established or emerging companies, Jim thrives in promoting leading-edge technology to all levels, from craft to C-levels.  

In addition, Jim is also an Associate at Ramseyer & Associates.  They have experience finding appropriate funding for growth, product development, acquisition, buy outs, projected cash flow gaps, debt consolidation and other business needs.

Jim Denison, Director of Research at Energy Transitions

Jim Denison's grasp of different commercial and government markets and their unique requirements stems from his successful service to the following organizations: