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Recommendations for Bill Shank
NEC Energy Solutions - Sales Manager, Commercial Products

"Bill Shank at A123 Energy Solutions (now NEC Energy Solutions) was instrumental in the performance of a "proof of concept" for my company. Bill Shank shepparded this project from the beginning and it wouldn’t have happened without his unwavering interest to make this happen and his hospitality while I was there.
March 24, 2014, Steve Barta, President, Hospitality Solutions Group, LLC.

Steve was a client of Bill’s

Energy Transitions - Founder/VP of Sales
"While researching alternative energy companies and the solutions they offered, especially regarding backup power, I contacted Bill several times to see what insights on the industry he could provide. Bill responded to my various requests for industry information and inquiries about backup power alternatives with timely, accurate, and valuable information on the various alternatives. I found Bill to be highly recommended as a knowledgeable resource, and very responsive in getting back to me."
September 12, 2009, Kurt Wieneke, Sr Director, Software Services, Brooks Software
Kurt was with another company when working with Bill at Energy Transitions

Energy Transitions - Founder/VP of Sales

"I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation on behalf of my good constituent, Mr. William J. (Bill) Shank of Salter Path,North Carolina.
Bill is interested in working for the Republican National Committee to help GOP candidates nationwide promote alternative energy. Having reviewed Bill's background and commitment to the alternative energy industry,I believe that he has the potential to be a valuable resource to support this type of technology for our economy. Thank you for your consideration of Bill Shank."

June 23, 2009, Richard Burr, US Senator - letter of recommendation
Ultralife Corporation - Director of Renewable Energy Sales
“I only worked with Bill during my last eight months at Ultralife, but during that time I found him to be very knowledgeable in the areas of hybrid renewable energy configurations and backup power requirements for applications such as telecommunications sites. I believe he’ll be a valuable resource in helping Ultralife to broaden its product portfolio and to expand its presence in energy storage markets. Exhibiting a high degree of professional business ethics, one of Bill’s most frequently used phrases is, “Treat customers the way you would want to be treated yourself.” That simple sentence summarizes his approach to sales.”
July 1, 2010, James Pope, Director, Digital Care / Sales Operations, Ultralife Corp.
James worked with Bill at Ultralife Corporation

IdaTech - VP of North American Sales
“Bill Shank is a person who listens. As a salesman, he listens for requirements and for opportunities. On a personal level, where many salesmen fall short, Bill listens and understands people, too. Bill's communication skills allow him to relate to, and interact with, a wide range of contacts. I believe that this has been one key to his past successes, and it will certainly serve him well in the future.”
September 22, 2009, Robert Wichert, Technical Director, US Fuel Cell Council
Robert was with another company when working with Bill at IdaTech

 IdaTech - VP of North American Sales
"Bill helped my company through the acquisition of fuel cell systems for a demonstration program. Bill was friendly and customer driven throughout. He was able to bridge the requirements of his organization with ours with ease. Bill is held in high esteem by all who work with him. I highly recommend him for any customer facing position in the high tech industry."
February 23, 2009, Daniel Betts, Engineering Manager, EnerFuel, Inc.
Daniel was with another company when working with Bill at IdaTech
IdaTech - VP of North American Sales
"While Bill was working for IdaTech I would often meet him at industry conferences & trade shows when I was with Plug Power, a competing fuel cell manufacturer. I came to know him fairly well and quickly learned why he is well regarded in our industry. He is a skilled and experienced Sales Executive who is equally comfortable and competent in a management role or as an individual contributor. He is well connected in the Telecom world and is adept at the process of bringing new high tech products to commercial fruition. I would strongly recommend Bill and am confident that he would be a valuable asset to any organization's Sales and Marketing team."
July 16, 2009, Tom Ollila, Product Marketing Manager, Plug Power
Tom was with another company when working with Bill at IdaTech
IdaTech - VP of North American Sales
"Bill is a great sales professional. Bill has an enormous network to leverage on in North America. Personally I always enjoyed his sense of humor and positivism. A true pleasure working in the same group with Bill."
November 30, 2008, Pedro Yarahuan, Director Sales - CALA Region, IdaTech, LLC
Pedro worked directly with Bill
ReliOn - VP of Global Sales
"During my time at ReliOn, I reported to Bill and worked with him on a number of projects. Bill is an outstanding manager. He understands the sales process and works very hard to meet objectives. He is very organized and always knows the status of his responsible operations. He is a creative sales person and is a deal closer. I would work for Bill anytime and enjoyed his "lead by example" management perspective. I highly recommend Bill for future manager opportunities that come his way."
August 10, 2009, John Davis, Director, International Business Development, ReliOn
John reported to Bill at ReliOn
Mitsubishi Electric - VP of Sales & Marketing, Paceon Division
"Bill is one of the finest Technology / Telephony sales and marketing practitioners that I have had the pleasure of working with. He has broad and deep industry knowledge, a vast network of colleagues who have had the opportunity to benefit from his work and enjoys the resulting respect of them all. In our work together at Mitsubishi he discharged all of his responsibilities with excellence, had spare cycles to help others and made constant contributions to the performance of the team in all areas. Bill will be a leading contributor to any enterprise trying to introduce a new technology in the B to B space."
August 29, 2008, Tom Sterbenc, General Manager, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC & ELECTRONICS USA, INC., Paceon Division
Tom managed Bill at Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Electric - VP of Sales & Marketing, Paceon Division
"I had the privilege and the pleasure of working with Bill during my tenure as Corporate Controller at Paceon. I found Bill to be the consummate business leader as VP of Sales & Marketing. Bill not only had a very deep understanding of the industry from a Sales and Marketing perspective, but from an overall business perspective as well. Bill had a solid understanding of the numbers and was very instrumental in developing credible and supportable sales forecasts for the company. Bill's demeanor and outgoing personality made him a great person to work with. Bill was definitely a leader of the organization and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again."
August 18, 2009, Patrick Bates, Corporate Controller, Paceon Corporation
Patrick worked with Bill at Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.
Mitsubishi Electric - VP of Sales & Marketing, Paceon Division
"Because of my great experience with Bill at Tekelec, I decided to go and work for him at Paceon. Bill's enthusiasm for work is inspiring. He has a high degree of integrity who I could work for again should that opportunity arise. His friendly humorous manner is an asset in any situation, especially during stressful negotiations. His professionalism builds instant rapport with clients and colleagues. He was constantly looking at ways to increase my value by allowing me to work on projects and by insisting that I complete my studies."
August 11, 2009, Javier Garcia, Sales Operations Manager, Paceon Corp.
Javier reported to Bill at Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc.
Tekelec - Director Global Sales, Diagnostic Division
"Bill is a highly experienced sales executive with a sound business acumen, technical savvy and entrepreneurial spirit. He has proven experience bringing together salesmen/women from multi-cultural backgrounds and varying levels of experience to form teams that consistently exceed objectives. Bill is a results oriented executive who thrives in both start-up and well established environments. He would be a great addition to a management team looking for resourcefulness, creativity, technical ability, integrity and leadership. His tremendous network is a plus."
August 23, 2009, Joni King Brooks Ed.D., Director, Corporate Marketing, Tekelec
Joni worked indirectly for Bill at Tekelec
Tekelec - Director Global Sales, Diagnostic Division
"I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Shank in 1997 while working for Tekelec. Bill was the Director of Global Sales and I was working in our marketing department. Working with Bill allowed me to expand my horizons by allowing me to work within his sales executives in order to improve our interaction between marketing and sales. This improved our understanding of what sales tools were required to improve our business. Bill also promotes growth within his organization and is generous with his knowledge and guidance. He has, to this day, insisted that I continue and complete my education."
August 11, 2009, Javier Garcia , Commercial Marketing, Tekelec
Javier worked with Bill at Tekelec
Hitachi Telecom/ADC - Director of Sales
“Bill Shank is a consummate telecom professional, whom I have known for 15 to 20 years. He prides himself on taking care of his customers first and foremost, and he never let me down during the time he reported to me at Hitachi Telecom. I needed an experienced and senior person to handle the RBOC's - someone I could trust without having to "manage". He has senior level contacts all over the industry, and I would be pleased to be a member of the same team as Bill anywhere.”
October 5, 2009, Phil McCall, VP - Sales and Marketing, Hitachi Telecom
Phil managed Bill at Hitachi Telecom/ADC
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